A monotonous noises very positive effect on children

Method # 6 Rituals
Peace! I’m not about sacrifice. Every mom and dad can develop certain habits and rituals that will associate kids with sleep. For example, reading fairy tales; talking calmly, when you say that in bed, because the day was long and everyone was tired; farewell to the sun, massage of the tummy, and the like. It is especially suitable for children six months and older, which is already possible to try to negotiate.

Method No. 7 Bathroom
Usually a warm bath good for kids. Especially if they have there on the flop. Can be added to water decoction of soothing herbs, but first consult with your pediatrician. Because some believe that calendula and a series of dried skin. Observe the reaction – if the kids are starting to RUB his eyes, there’s only feed and stack.

Method # 8 White noise
A monotonous noises very positive effect on children: the noise of the vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer, radio, quiet music without words and emotional outbursts and a lullaby without words. Find your option and turn on sound when put baby. The only thing to remember is that the sound should be very quiet.

Method №9 Hours
This is quite an effective method if you want to modify or adjust an already established kid mode by itself. Watch a few days when the baby falls asleep and wakes up, and Wake him up half an hour earlier until your biorhythms are aligned.

If he’s a heavy sleeper, don’t hesitate to Wake him up early. However, it should be noted that it is a long and laborious process. You need to follow the regime. Otherwise, the baby will start to sleep and Wake up randomly, and will need to start all over again.

Method No. 10 For “the iron lady”
If you have an iron endurance, a closet full of Valerian and tea with Melissa, you can try this method. Suppose that with the regime you already all is well and baby used to fall asleep around the same time. You will need: one mom or dad with one child or two, one bed. When the baby starts to RUB his eyes, yawn and capricious, the time had come.

Take a small (if you played with him, it is necessary to calm the child, but not to prikazivati not give any), and put him to bed. Quietly hum or talk about something, standing by the bed, the child saw you, warning of tears and lamentation. If 10-15 minutes of tears transformirovalsya hysterical take on handle, quiet, but don’t let to fall asleep at the hands, again put in the crib. Stand next to the crib until the baby fall asleep. On average the process can take 45-60 minutes, no more.

And 11 way! the sequence of actions

Encourage your child to certain actions that precede sleep every time. For example: eat, get a massage, lullaby, sleeping or bathing, eating, fairy tale, dream. Do it at the same time each day. Subsequently, the baby gets used to fall asleep at the same time, following certain sequence of actions.

Don’t forget to bring dad to the process, otherwise then you will always have to put the baby. In 3 months the baby is already clearly recognizes the smell of mom and dad, their voice and body temperature. Therefore, if the Pope at this time will be “behind the scenes”, she’ll just get used to mom.

Remember that the child should adjust to you, not you under him. Despite the fact that talking to your child: “you have 5 minutes, go wash and sleep” – makes no sense, so you will have to make some effort in order to develop joint habits.

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