Barcelona, ​​after 11 years, did not shoot at the goal but still made records

Going to Barcelona, ​​this is a big challenge this season. Meanwhile, it did not make it to five opponents in La Liza or Apoel Nicosia in the Champions League. Luis Enrique became the first coach in the history of Barcelona, ​​who in his opening six games did not have to explain why his team got a goal.

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Beginning in the Spanish league with five duels without a winning goal, it’s just not so easy to see. In the past, it only how to make a deposit on Unibet managed three times – San Sebastiano (1970/71), Zaragoza (1972/73) and Barcelona (1977/78).

However, the Catalan team is positive. Since the 2003/04 season, Barcelona has not managed to score a goal in the game! She had at least five attempts in the previous attempts, none in Malaga. Really none.”We tried everything, but it was very difficult because Malaga was defending deeply,” said midfielder Andrés Iniesta.

Málaga has defended its home bullet and Herself was close to a goal that would make her a sensational victory. However, Luis Alberto’s direct kick but goalkeeper Bravo set off with a stick out. It was only a few centimeters away to make the balloon behind the line.

“Málaga played what she wanted and needed.” We had the problem of creating clear goal chances, “said Iniesta. Brazilian Neymar did not hesitate to take the lead after 64 minutes, as did Pedro. Barcelona did not have a day, this match did not work out.

“We tried to change the tactics and the way we did the attacks.It always depends on how the attacking team can be imaginative and cunning at the final stage. And that was not in Malaga, “Iniesta said.

When no goals were scored, Malaga Wellington, who in the second half caught his chin in front of his goal and pushed into his chin, “Yes, I caught him, you see it in the pictures, but he told me I was a bastard,” Wellington said, “I was overtaking it, but I did not hurt Messi . Who knows me knows that I am a normal kid and this is not what I normally do. “