Does Nadal remain the king of clay? It returns after 224 days

He should return in November, then in December, January and finally in February. Rafael Nadal is missing in a tennis carousel since July Wimbledon.

He has come back a few times, but the knee problem has proven to be serious. Alternative treatment has been stretched for more than half a year.

“Doctors said that knees will hurt Rafa by the end of the month, it’s a natural sign. But his status has definitely improved, “said coach Tony Nadal to Spanish media. Priority Clay

Interestingly, Nadal chose a long trip to Chile for the first game, where he decided to start at a smaller tournament in Viena del Mar.

He preferred him to more close and better-funded events in Zagreb and Montpellier.His approach is logical when he wants to test his knees on the favorite clay he chose before the hard in the hall.

Uncle Tony called the South American tournament as their “first French Open”, clearly indicating their plans. The seasonal priority of the leftist Malorcan is the eighth title of the Grand Slam of Paris.

The Open Era keeps an incredible record when he won 93 percent of clay games. Therefore, it is said that in South America, where he wants to start another two smaller tournaments, it would be a surprise if he lost even set despite the long-term failure.

“I feel good. I’m very nice about the conditions in Chile.Everything here is great, “Nadal wrote on the social network after training with local legend Nicolas Massu. The Olympic winner from Athens is accompanying him to the tournament.

In South America, the clay king plans to play two more tournaments in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. All the points he gets will count on him since last year he did not play at the ATP circuit for nearly two months.

It will be interesting to see how to deal with the rotation of surfaces, as in March they should complete the Masters tournaments in Miami and Indian Wells on the hard. Murray believes Nadal will come back in full swing

However, the priority remains for the Spaniard twenty-five year old, on which he defends many points.Before Roland Garros last year he won Masters tournaments in Monte Carle, Rome and a smaller tournament in Barcelona.

For a long absence, he dropped from second place to fifth in the rankings when David Ferrer was already ahead of him.

“Long wounds will snap you off, but I believe Rafa will remain a tight tops for years. Let’s see what form it will start in South America. It is possible, however, that he will win a few tournaments immediately and quickly regain the respect that everyone in the clay has, “said Andy Murray of the Daily Telegraph.