Slavia his leadership

In the penultimate match autumn winning fluke arranged win 1: 0 against Jablonec. Kucera is a disciple of Jihlava, he also worked in Hradec Králové. Reprezentant to 21 years old Tomas Soucek will spring to play for Liberec, which it acquired from Slavia a six-month free hosting option. Both clubs confirmed the deal today with the fact that the loan is finalized formally. Twenty-two defensive midfielder is a disciple Slavia. Last season was pushed into the starting lineup with seven goals and was second best scorer. Following the significant strengthening of the Eden team because of injury, and also dropped out of the assembly and in the spring it would be difficult to implement. Slavia his leadership and gave the opportunity to play out elsewhere and to fight for the nomination for the European Championship players up to 21 years. “Given that at the end of the season is scheduled for the European Championship in 21 years, we want to ensure greater Tomas match workload to the prestigious tournament represented in top form,” said CEO Martin Krob Slavia. In a representation to 21 years Soucek took nine contests and scored two goals. Also scored one start for the national team A-team. This season’s best Slavia played seven league games. In Liberec he reunites with trainer Henry Trpišovským, under whom he played in hosting on Žižkově. Zdravotní trouble Libor Kozak no end. Twenty-seven, the English second division striker for Aston Villa had to undergo another operation by an injured ankle and coach Steve Bruce has until the end of the season will not play. “Libor is experiencing bad times here. It’s a shame for him, is literally infested wounds. Unfortunately, it is out of the game until the end of the season,” he complained Bruce on the club website. Career as a player with eight starts for the national team A-team for a long time hampered by injuries. In January 2014, six months after transfer to Aston Villa, a Cossack in training brought about a complicated leg fracture and then, despite good performance and goals in preparation for the junior and had long been fighting for the return to the A-team. When he succeeded last January, just a month later suffered a minor ankle fracture. At the end of April, then he had another operation on a previous season was over for him. This year, Kozak played for the first team Sportingbet free online betting Aston Villa’s relegation after just two matches, four other contests played for the junior, as he gave five goals. Because of problems with his ankle but now he must give from football next break. Football fans, has not monitored regularly (or at all) matches of the German Bundesliga, they had to be directed from the observations of the camp of fans of Bayern surprised. This is to be the weakest in a decade Bayern? He who leads the Bundesliga by seven points? Definitely could then disinterested in the eyes of man to look any complaints or comments on Ancelottiho whole ridiculous finery after Wednesday’s Champions League. Die Roten crushed the poor Wengerův team 5: 1 and sports betting offers so confidently about themselves known as one of the candidates to gain valuable trophies – as the day before Emery PSG. The fact is that Wednesday’s presentation of Munich in the Champions League was definitely one of the best in the whole season – personally it ranked in the top three league games in addition to Wolfsburg Bull Leipzig. In addition, especially in the second half parádního football and infirmity, but the Arsenal game showed the potential of the German team, which meanwhile Munich in the Bundesliga did not show a whole. Here are the main points that brought the game: 1) Lahm is still a great (if he wants) This player wants to quit? For God’s sake, why? He had to say every football fan, who had the honor to see Wednesday night Philipp Lahm. Bayern captain on the right line by exemplary Bek honed his game and knock adorned with Arjen Robben and great passes into the match. However, this whole season from třiatřicetiletého defender by far not such finery. Especially in the fall was the captain of world champions particular problems with speed and offensive support, on which suffered from Sportingbet best online betting injuries Robben especially when playing on the wing Thomas Müller. And it led Ancelottiho that were then in December Lahm decided to build a few games in central midfield, where at Lahmově decreasing speed and dynamics were rather use his insight and technical capabilities. The match against Arsenal, however, revealed that Lahm for his role on the right Bek still enough – and if they had similar performance to continue his planned departure can be considered (as in the case of Vale German representation) for hasty. 2) Thiago is a player difference (when playing where it belongs) If you had Wednesday evening in Munich, one king, it was Thiago Alcântara. Spanish šikula scored two goals and the third pass, while he achieved a hat-trick, if at the end of engagement let gentlemanly goal střídajícímu Mueller (and thereby grieved all visitors of restaurants looking keg of free beer). Above all, however, the game showed their main advantages – excellent technical skills, excellent reading of the game and ability to get his team a great chance final or pre-final pass. However, this twenty-six Spaniard did not show a significant part of the season – in Ancelottiho trio of midfielders in the fall often inexplicably forced to play the closest stoperům and most of the time so just slide the ball in midfield, which Bayern could obviously benefit. 3) Xabi Alonso is not so bad (if he has time) Alonso Xabiho person in the eyes of fans and football in general, Bayern definitely currently in Munich team the most controversial.

While supporters of Die Roten rages whenever Spanish dandy find in the basic eleven, disinterested spectators do not Sportingbet free bets online understand why a player who can remember in a very good light from engagement in Liverpool and Real Madrid, he made between the Nazi so much bad blood. The truth is that Xabi is definitely one of the worst players of Bayern – slow, kick him long it takes the loss of the ball often ends tragically for Bayern and his sloppy positional play often creates a middle space, the opponent can exploit. Even in the game against Arsenal Xabi Minela not avoid when its lax and positionally lousy hindering Sportingbet online bets considerably easier way to Sanchez equalizer. In the rest of the game, however, experienced midfielders played very well – because of the tragic midfield, with whom Arsenal in Munich arrived, and generally confusing play the entire defensive had Alonso lot of time to think what the ball will take, and due to poor bashing Gunners and could show that what is really good – and it is his insight and technology that makes so their centers and precision passing forward (! ) actually belonged to the best. 4) Douglas Costa is a half-season wonder Remember it maybe all fans of German football. August 2015, the opening Bundesliga match between Bayern and Hamburg. The Munich team of your opponent, as expected, swept away on the pitch and he reigned Douglas Costa – summer reinforcements from Shakhtar Donetsk are in fantastic performances continued throughout the rest of the autumn and their fast attacks and offensive outputs on the left wing captivated audiences around the world.