Athletic Bilbao – Real Madrid 0:0

Real Madrid can also score without a draw two times in a row, no matter what his matches are. For White Ballet, San Diego’s 0-0 result is another big loss. On the other hand, for Athletic’s welcome profit, it still remains in the second half of the table, but with a good lead in the descent positions.

For Real, it was an important match because he already knew Energybet about the hesitation of Barcelona. Zinedine Zidana’s confidants, however, failed to make use of the loss and the gap between the two rivals remained unchanged.

The start of the match at San Mamés was rather cautious, but Real had not been able to keep up with chances for so long. In the 8th minute, Isco and Karim Benzema showed a stunning bar, and this was a symbolic start for Madrid. On the other hand, he could punish Aduriz, but his head of lime sent only to the prepared Keylor Navas.

After a half hour of the game, Real Madrid had another big Energybet chance, but first Kroos fired a good position and Cristiano Ronaldo failed.

The goalless status did not change in the second half, even though Ronaldo was again close. His other shot in the 72th minute even wiped a stick. As time went by, a cramp was crawled into the crowd, and a final goodbye of three points could give Zinedino Zidana a couple of minutes before the end of Sergio Ramos. In the air duel, he played illegally and struck his elbow for nothing else. Real did not find the recipe for defending Athletic and lost it again outside.
Sevilla has confirmed the role of a favorite and has earned a Energybet live betting result, which psychologically fits her well in advance of an important match of the Champions League at Maribor. La Coruña’s opponent last fought in 2010 before long eleven fights and failed to succeed even now. Just like last season, it did not get a point again.

If, however, in both of the last season’s defeats, Deportivo scored a score of ninety minutes in total twice, this time it suffered a lot. Sevillistas took a while before they first entered, especially at the end of the half thanks to Wissam Ben Yedder. Three points then insured twelve minutes before the end of Michael Krohn-Dehli.

The home was a more active team Energybet from the start. In the 4th minute, Sergio Escudero left Nolita, who still managed to win Vazquez, but his Italian midfielder fired off. Nolito’s Sergia Escudera managed to shrug them off and fired a low hangosh with 20 minutes of his shot but Rubén’s shot went just wide.

Within half an hour, Nolito reached out of mid-range, but this ending needed to go a little differently to make Rubén bigger with him. The guests also occasionally threatened, even sporadically, through Adrian in 35 minutes, but he did not find the right shot and a weak attempt sent only into the arms of the prepared goalie David Soriy.

At the time the two teams were on a half-time break, Seville finally managed to strike. Nolito did a great job, at the right moment he moved the ball into the unloaded position of Ben Yedder, and he easily targeted it. Lucas Pérez was able to cope with the second act, but he Energybet did not get out of David Soria’s corner, and Adrián did not reach the finish line.

78 minutes into the game, the home crowd was not pleased with that one. From Nolita, the mercury got in the way of a runaway Krohna-Dehli, whose gunpowder from a limp was unfortunately dropped to Ruben under the body and into the net. He was able to increase the lead in Pablo Sarabia’s setup, but his bummer was able to dispose of the tiger’s cautious Ruben.