Maccabi Tel-Aviv – Slavia Praha

Fans expect Thursday in Netanya against Maccabi Tel Aviv to be a key match in the European League. The Czech champion is third in Group A, and he does not have to rely on the outcome of the second match in Astana, he needs to score points to preserve the progressive hopes in Israel. The opponent has already lost the chance to take part in the spring retreat battles.

Slavia has five points on four of six rounds and loses two Astanu and three at Villarreal leader. Maccabi is one point and no goals scored last.

If Astana over Villarreal in the second quarter win at home, they would have to score red and white to keep progress in Israel. In the event that Villarreal does not play, the Betclic bonus fame will remain in the game, even if there is no point in Netanya. At the end of the group Praguers will welcome Astanu. The first two teams will advance to the spring elimination phase.

“The mathematics in the table are a bit of a step in which Astana is going to keep playing in the last game, we want to win tomorrow, I believe we will succeed and that in the last match with Astana it will be decided who will advance,” he said journalists co-star Jaroslav Šilhavý.

The Prakans against Maccabi at the beginning of the group have won the only victory that Tomas Necid has made. Now try to repeat the triumph. In the European Cups they have won 20 times in a row.

“The Maccabi players are runny, alive, they want to attack, now they do not have the whip that they have to, they are already out of the game, they would have Unibet online free bets honest and organized performance at home and the activity ahead to be productive,” said Šilhavý. he defeated Dukla 5-0 in the weekend and previously won the preparatory duel in Craiova, Romania, 4-0.

“We have been productive in the last two games, so I believe we will be able to give a goal tomorrow and try to win,” the coach said.

Maccabi, as the only one of all participants in the basic groups, has not yet crowned and can no longer move. “They have not played since the 7th of November, when they played a friendly match, but I do not think it will affect the game, they will be hungry, it is a prestige, it is the European League, so it certainly does not suck,” said Šilhavý.

Slavia also notes that due to the reconstruction of the Tel Aviv Stadium, it will be played in Netanya, which is about 30 kilometers away. “The capacity is about 13,000, I think the stadium will be full, Maccabi has a lot of fans all over Israel, the atmosphere will be the same as we have seen in Cyprus against APOEL,” said Slavic goalkeeper Přemysl Kovář who worked between 2014 and 2016 in nearby Haifa.

“Actually, right after the lot that Maccabi has brought us, I received a few messages from my friends from Israel like ‘Welcome back to Israel’, etc. There are plenty of friends who have written that they will come and look forward to “she added.

Israel was not injured by Jan Sýkora, Ruslan Rotana, Muris Mešanovic and Dušan Švento, and the punished Jan Bořil. The match at Netanya will start on Thursday at 21:05 CET.