The procedure for the Euro was governed by Jankto. These goals will not help me in Italy, he said

“The mood is definitely good, but there are still some 25 or 30 minutes left,” the 20-year-old talent eased away after a qualifying match in Znojmo.

While he was already describing his impressions, Clear. Bohemia, for the European Championship, held next year in Poland, has free bets shifted not only the high win, but also the subsequent defeat of Belgium 0: 3 in Montenegro. “We were better at all qualifying matches,” he said, enjoying a fast-paced midfielder who was doing what he wanted to do for the Moldavians on the left. While he did not want to score a goal with his team-mates against the outsider.Two thousand spectators raced to Jankto at the set time of the first half. “We were clearly better, we had five six goals, fortunately we scored 45 minutes,” Jankto said. “It has been a lot of psychic movement and the second half has been clearly in our direction.” In her promising wings, who recently scored the first season in Italian Serie A, he added a goal and assistance. “I got into three Udinese matches, unfortunately I did not have a shot or anything. Goals will personally help me and I like it, “Jankto said.

Would the show help him improve his position in Italy? “To be honest, they do not follow the representation, these goals betting app mobile will not help’s mainly about how you work in the club and that’s crucial for them, “says Jankto.

“In Italy, I like every minute the coach gives me. Unfortunately, Udinese has kicked out a trainer, I will only have to know the new one, it will definitely be something else. He will give a chance to the older players at the beginning, but he is as good as ever. ”

But a clever midfielder did not think of it Friday night. Several tens of minutes after the duel against Moldova, the cabin was saying, “So we are the first no and có, no a có, no a co.”

The Czech youths learned a positive result from Montenegro and celebrated the Euro .