Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, out of the Top5 of the best paid in the world

Can you imagine a Real Madrid without Crsitiano? Zidane no. And it is to be supposed that many Madridistas will coincide with their coach, accustomed to seeing Madrid live on the Portuguese goals since 2009…Until this season. His scarce four goals in the league coincide with a request for a salary increase that the club, for now, does not want to face.

One can ask to what extent it is fair and timely to claim Cristiano, renewed 14 months ago until 2021, when he will be 36 years old, at the rate of 21 million net per season. In this renewal, the validity of the contract between Madrid and its star was extended, but the money was not touched.

It seems clear that, less than a year and a half later, things have changed.There is a turning point: the signing of Neymar by Paris Saint Germain for 222 million euros. The most expensive signing in history, which logically took a score to the height: 36 million euros perceived Neymar for each of the five seasons he has signed with the Parisian club.

The movement of chips has been expected. In Europe, its main consequence has been the recent renewal of Messi with Barcelona until 2021 – the same date of the end of Ronaldo’s contract with Madrid – and an upward contract to reward the fidelity of the Argentine, who knew how to maximize the Times – I would have been free a few weeks after the signing – to get the most out of his new bond with the Barça club: 46 million euros per season.More than double what Cristiano perceives, which has won Messi the last two Champions and the last two Gold Balls.

The other element in this complex equation online betting free bet comes from the East. Specifically, from China, where they also tie dogs with sausages. The Shanghai Shenhua paid Carlos Tevez 38 million euros per season just less than, as the player himself has recently recognized, by rescinding his contract with the Chinese club, for being “on vacation”. The case of El Apache is not isolated. Two other players, the Brazilian Oscar and the Argentine Lavezzi, surpass in the Asian giant the annual gains of Cristiano, with 24 and 23 million euros, respectively. And Hulk (20 kilos per year) is on his heels.Like, back in Europe, a player recently arrived at the elite, Kylian Mbappé, who gains 18 kilos a year at PSG. All of them make up the ranking that angers Cristiano, and that can make the Portuguese adventure in Madrid finish before time.